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About Moneyclip

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish our clients on the path to wealth creation to achieve their financial goals. We pride ourselves on tailoring advice to clients’ individual needs, driven solely by their own objectives and capacity.

Moneyclip has a successful history of delivering clients their desired results and is recognised for its unique Wealth Accumulation and Protection Program. We are based in Sydney with a satellite office in Melbourne.

Experience and expertise you can count on

At Moneyclip we believe in the principles of regular saving and wise investing to create personal wealth. We help you balance today’s lifestyle with tomorrow’s financial goals to achieve key milestones such as buying a home, raising a family and eventually retiring.

Our strategies are customised to suit your individual needs. This could mean helping you to clear debts, start saving and investing, safeguarding the lifestyle you have created and ultimately achieving financial independence. This advice then extends to strategies to help you enjoy plenty of ongoing income throughout retirement.

Your current stage of life and financial position will determine the type of advice that is appropriate for you. At Moneyclip we offer three levels of advice to capture each of these different stages.

Consolidate Accumulate Accelerate