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Long-term Investing

This is the first paper in an annually updated series that gives investors an insight into longer-term returns from various asset classes. It is aimed at helping investors think carefully about their portfolio decisions. Investors should understand their personal time horizons for their various investment portfolios so that sensible, wealth-enhancing decisions can be made. Simplistically, an investor saving for a home deposit in one year’s time will be focused on capital preservation, whereas an investor saving for retirement in 30 years’ time will place greater importance on capital growth and long-term returns. This paper should be read alongside another Perennial paper, The Wisdom of Great Investors, which brings together the principles of investing from some of the world's greatest investors.

Download the long-term Investing PDF (2.24 MB)



The Wisdom of Great Investors

History does not record how famous poet Rudyard Kipling fared as an investor, but we do know his words serve as a great guiding philosophy as we face what is – for most of us – the most challenging investment environment in living memory.

The Wisdom of Great Investors brings together the principles of investing from some of the world’s greatest investors who have not only lived through but also prospered in diffi cult times.

Though each of these great investors offers a different perspective, the common theme is that a disciplined, patient, emotionally detached investment approach can help you to reach your long-term fi nancial goals.

At Perennial, we believe their collective thoughts are an invaluable insight into long-term investing and may help you in preparing your own mindset to successfully build and preserve long-term wealth.

Head of Retail Funds Management
Perennial Investment Partners Limited

Download the The Wisdom of Great Investors (PDF - 1.2MB)

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